The web’s premier photo and video site on the web, is now giving unlimited storage* for all users! This means that free users get all of the below:

●Unlimited photo storage
●There will be a limit of 500 videos for free users
●All storage for free users will be resized (we will not keep originals)
●Bandwidth restrictions will remain at 10GB/month for free users

Now’s the time to sign up for an account with Photobucket and upload all your photos and videos to share with family and friends!

And if that’s not enough great news, if you Tweet, post on Facebook or email your friends with the news, you could win an iPad 2! So what are you waiting for? Get your upload on with unlimited storage at Photobucket! Click here to learn more.

*Photobucket reserves the right to limit excessive use and the unlimited storage offer pertains to non-commercial use only.




如果這樣還不夠,那麼你在推特推文、分享到Facebook或是寄信給你朋友分享這訊息,你還有機會獲得iPad 2一台。那麼,你還在等什麼?趕緊上傳到無限大空間的Photobucket。








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